Our clients hire us to win, not conduct on-the-job training.

Attorney Hiring

It is the mission of Willenken LLP to become the country’s premiere boutique trial firm for business litigation. To help us achieve that goal, we look to add to our ranks people who share our deep commitment to winning and getting results for clients. 

When we started the firm in Los Angeles over a decade ago, we were four lawyers splitting two rooms with linoleum floors in a dank office building. But, we could not have cared less about our environs, because we were having too much fun trying cases, winning over clients, and building a practice that we knew one day would be very special. Years later, with a little luck, faith from people who gave us a chance, and a lot of hard work, we have built a solid foundation upon which we can eventually reach our goal. To help us get there, we want to hire lawyers who have three critical traits:

1.    Talent.   We want smart people. We think smart people make smarter lawyers, and smarter lawyers can better solve our clients’ problems. Oftentimes that may mean we hire people who, like many of us, graduated from Ivy League or other top-10 law schools, and/or clerked for federal trial or appellate judges. But, we are also smart enough to know that a fancy pedigree is not always a prerequisite for talent. As a minority-owned firm, we know that diversity in background and experience is an essential ingredient for winning. Bottom line, we are looking for people who have a demonstrated record of achievement.

2.    Judgment.   Judgment comes from experience, lots of it. We want experienced litigators who can just as easily cold cross a witness on the stand as they can pen a sophisticated appellate brief. If you have not done either of those things, we can give you the first-hand experience and training you need, so long as you have the dedication to learn. But, we do not hire first- or second-year lawyers still trying to master basic litigation skills. Our clients hire us to win, not conduct on-the-job training. You should first work at a big “white shoe” firm to get that subsidized training. After that, we are ready for you.

3.    Passion.   As evidenced by our track record, Willenken lawyers must have a passion for building a practice as well as winning. If you are an excellent “technical lawyer” or a reliable service partner, you are only part of what we are looking for. We want people who are also entrepreneurial, who relish the responsibility and challenge of developing a book of business. Unlike other firms where equity partners jealously guard their individual fiefdoms, Willenken encourages and rewards lawyers for taking business initiatives. We will work side by side with you to deepen existing client relationships and develop new ones. We know that growing the whole pie is the key to real and enduring success in the legal business.