Trade Secrets and Employee Mobility

The risks of trade secret misappropriation go two ways. Companies must protect their own trade secrets — which are often painstakingly created from years of hard work and extensive research.  And companies must also defend against receipt or use of other’s trade secrets — which can embroil a new business in protracted litigation.  The rise of technology only compounds the risk, as confidential information is stored and shared in an ever more connected world, and as disruptive innovation upends industries and then spreads with competition.

 Willenken lawyers have experience with a wide variety of complex trade secret matters and related issues of employees moving from one competitor to another. Through litigation and counseling, our lawyers work with both companies and individuals to mitigate risks in both protecting and defending the rights and intellectual property of our clients. We work with companies on the front end to identify the confidential information that is crucial to the operation and success of the business and to identify the best manner in which to protect that information. And we are well-versed in using litigation to prevent disclosure of trade secrets, or defending against claims of misappropriation.