Complex Business Litigation

Whether obtained by verdict or settlement, we consistently deliver superior results for our clients in complex business and commercial disputes  by approaching each matter on the premise that Willenken LLP will try the case. We are stand-up trial lawyers. Combined, our lawyers have tried over 200 cases to verdict or judgment in courtrooms and before arbitration panels across the country. With a trial lawyer’s eye toward detail and narrative, we size up each case from the start and develop a blueprint to achieve the optimal outcome for our client. From there, each step we take is deliberate and purposeful, focused on attaining the defined result. We don’t file pleading motions to educate our opponent or buy time, but to narrow and frame the issues to our client’s advantage. We don’t turn over every rock in discovery, just those that will yield the facts needed to set up the devastating cross-examination or the winning dispositive motion. And, ultimately, if a case does not settle and has to be tried, we are more than willing and able. To us, a trial is not a crisis but an opportunity for success. 

Our trial skills and experience are superior to many “white shoe” firms more than 40 times our size. This is also reflected in the firm’s unparalleled commitment to training its younger lawyers in the lost art of trial advocacy. The firm regularly sends its younger lawyers to Pozner & Dodd’s cross-examination courses and to the National  Institute of Trial Advocacy’s (NITA) week-long trial advocacy programs. Our senior lawyers conduct in-house trial training and participate as instructors at local law schools as well as the NITA programs. 

Willenken attorneys have litigated or tried complex business cases across a vast range of substantive areas, including unfair competition, fraud, corporate control disputes, director and officer liability, class actions, product liability, breach of contract, fraud, lender liability, and real estate litigation, just to name a few.