Class Action Litigation

Willenken lawyers regularly represent corporate defendants in class action litigation, particularly consumer class actions involving allegations of unfair competition, false advertising, and breach of warranty. Capitalizing on our depth of knowledge about class action procedure and the underlying substantive law of each case, we employ a proactive approach emphasizing early case resolution — be it through a pleading motion, focused discovery, or dispositive motion.  Notably, our class action experience rivals that of firms multiple times our size. Like our BigLaw competitors, we have resolved class actions by settling with individual plaintiffs, have defeated class certification motions, have defeated class actions on summary judgment, have negotiated class wide settlements (when necessary), and have successfully opposed excessive attorneys’ fees motions. Some of our results in the class action space have even garnered awards by the legal media. In light of our focus on early resolution and our track record in this area, it is little wonder Willenken has become the choice of sophisticated companies to defend against class action litigation.