Last Minute Trial Representation

It is an inconvenient truth that the ability to prepare cases for trial at the last minute is a diminishing skill. This is especially true amongst business litigation lawyers. Few firms have the desire, capacity and depth to take on a trial at the last minute. And only a small handful of firms can marry the ability to stand up in court at the last minute with exceptional briefing skills. While a cogent opening statement can turn the tide, so can a well-framed motion during the middle of trial.  

Willenken LLP is one of a rare breed of law firms that can pick up a trial at the last minute. Led by three seasoned trial lawyers with more than 200 trials among them, Willenken’s last minute trial group can quickly evaluate a matter and leverage your existing pre-trial preparations with our extensive and diverse trial experience. We recognize that when we are brought in to try a case at the last minute, we must respect and honor pre-existing attorney-client relationships and cooperate with other legal professionals. Victory is a product of cooperation, not in-fighting.  

Willenken brings to the table know-how, tactics and skills that have virtually become a lost art amongst today’s lawyers. Since the post-World War II enactment of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (and similar state rules of discovery), many litigators have not learned the art of uncovering and developing evidence and witnesses during trial. Instead, the vast majority of lawyers think that the close of discovery fixes the evidence. We strongly disagree. We have developed key evidence right in the middle of trial, and more often than not, we have been successful in getting the new evidence admitted at trial. 

Finally, and most importantly, we have unsurpassed presentation skills. We view our job as story tellers, charged with weaving our clients’ position into a compelling narrative of law and fact. Our opening statements and closing arguments appeal to both the heart and mind. And, we have devastated adverse witnesses on “cold” cross. You likely won’t be disappointed if you hire us.