Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement

Willenken lawyers have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in trademark and trade dress lawsuits in district courts across the country.

It goes without saying that brand protection is key to the success of any company, and Willenken lawyers are always ready to protect a company's trademark  and trade dress when necessary. We have secured preliminary and permanent injunctions, won trademark trials, and even helped refine trademark law in the Ninth Circuit.

But we are just as ready to protect defendants that are targets of overzealous litigants and have substantial experience defending trademark  lawsuits as well.  Indeed, the firm participated in numerous lawsuits involving the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) at the height of popularity for such lawsuits and litigated various issues of first impression regarding the ACPA. 

Having litigated on "both sides of the v," Willenken lawyers are fully cognizant of what it takes to succeed in a trademark or trade dress trial, regardless of whom they represent.