Patent Infringement

The Willenken firm has been aggressively litigating patent cases nearly since its foundation and has a wealth of experience litigating cases of different sizes, from the small nuisance lawsuit filed by a non-practicing entity to the major lawsuit filed by a competitor. Over the years, we have litigated in numerous forums including district court (including the Eastern District of Texas and the District of Delaware), the Federal Circuit, the International Trade Commission, and the United States Patent and Trade Office. 

Though we have initiated patent licensing campaigns on behalf of plaintiffs, the majority of work is on the defense side. And, when defending against patent lawsuits, our focused approach often leads to early resolution. For example, we may try to obtain an early dismissal on a motion to dismiss with a Section 101 argument. Or we may file an IPR that puts the plaintiff's patent(s) in serious jeopardy. If early motion practice is not available, we will focus on the discrete discovery we need to secure a solid claim construction and summary judgment. And, of course, true to the firm's history, if the matter should make it all the way to trial, we will be ready for that too.