If we aren’t willing to bet on ourselves, why should you?

Excellence is Value

To Willenken LLP, the concept of value starts with excellence. Getting second rate lawyering at second rate prices is not a value. To truly be a value, the client must obtain first class legal work at significantly lower than top of the market prices. We do precisely that.  As one of our Fortune 500 clients said of us, he hires us because he gets “Neiman Marcus lawyers at Target prices.”

Furthermore, our concept of value is inherent in how we litigate. As trial lawyers, we focus on what matters most from the very beginning to the end of every case. Before we rush headlong into discovery, we think through our case, we interview our client's witnesses, and we review key documents. We have found that accomplishing these tasks early is often sufficient to provide the background necessary for a winning theme.

When conducting discovery, contrary to what others may think or say, you don't always have to turn over every rock. Doing so is expensive and often unnecessary. The key is knowing which rocks you do have to turn over and how to corral the snakes that may be underneath.

Finally, our concept of value is also inherent in formulating alternatives to the billable hour. If we believe in the merits of our case and our own talent, then we should be (and are) willing to craft a financial plan that puts our own "skin in the game." After all, if we aren't willing to bet on ourselves, why should you?